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If the path is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads! - Anatole France -


Cornillon Le Plumet

Hiking route

One of the most beautiful hiking routes in our area around Cornillon.This hike takes you through the wild landscapes located to the north of Cornillon.

The ascent is towards the imposing bastide of Vieux Coulon.The ridge trail leads to the summit of Plumet, from where you have a beautiful view of the entire Cèze valley.


On the road with the bike

Bike tours

For everyone, depending on your physical condition, there are various cycling routes in and around Cornillon. Especially suitable for families.

Whether it's a trip to the heights or a trip to the city, you always have to take your bike with you.
We will be happy to help you plan the perfect bike tour.


An absolute MUST

Canoe/kayak sport enthusiast

With a wide variety of canoe trips, you will learn to see Mother Nature through different eyes.

Cornillon, the canoe oasis in the south of France.

If you want to experience it with a kayak instead of a canoe, no problem, it is also possible with the various organisers.